A Stylist's Guide for Elegant Comfort at Home, ChambresSweden Takes You from your Night into your Day.

Feeling comfortable at home is a no brainer, but feeling luxurious? 

Think about it. We have done almost everything from home in the past eight months. Many of us could use fresh creative ideas beyond romantic dinners with your partner, lounging around reading a book while eating fresh blueberries, or having a free and easy workday. 

But wait. Feeling comfortable isn't about what to Do at home; it's about how to feel at home. So throw those sweats in the hamper and try these great combinations. I'm telling you, you'll feel comfy and elegant at the same time. We do it all the time—Home-wear at its most luxuriously comfortable. 

These are our "dressed up at home" favorites: 

lounge wear Marlene Maxi dress by Chambressweden

The Marlene dress comes Maxi or Short. You see Marlene at home or on the red carpet. Day into night, this dress is season-free. Match her with our Grace pants and throw a Kelly Kimono around yourself, and you're ready for anything. 

homewear by Chambressweden

Loungewear at its finest, our classic Zoe pants match perfectly with the Sofia V-neck top. Silky all over with a drawstring at the waist with Zoe pants. Sophia v-neck top is elegant and casual. Are guests coming for dinner? Our Zoe jacket matches perfectly for the occasion. 

Comfort, elegance, and a second skin sensation, you can expect from us.

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