ChambresSweden & Alqvimia Talk Softly Feminine Live on Instagram Story

She Just had the Feeling to Get Closer to the People of Alqvimia

15 years ago, Sandra Näsström was preparing for the opening party of her ChambresSweden lifestyle store in the heart of Stockholm. The night before the opening, she developed an intense eczema outbreak on her skin. Frustrated, she began to question herself, for the first time, about why this was happening. It seemed apparent to her that there was a connection with stress, but how could she shift this.
Shortly after, she came across Alqvimia’s self-care philosophies and beautiful products. The first time she applied their oil on her skin, taking time for herself, feeling the softness of that one short minute awoke something in her that has lasted until today. Self-care and feeling the luxury of taking time for self-loving is now her daily ritual.
Recently, Sandra reached out to Alqvimia for possibly co-creating together. Alqvimia connected with ChambresSweden’s softness and kindness of their garments. Their values about feminine energy, the luxury of time, and the freedom to choose what to do with it were in alignment. So fabulous, they had found each other.
During a phone conversation, they spoke about how their emotions were running through these tumultuous times. It is vital to nurture a positive attitude to life and have the space to process all feelings, including frustration, anger, and loneliness.
They made a date to talk together and let their Followers in on the conversation. So tomorrow, March 26, at 18:00 Sweden time, Sandra and CEO of Alqvimias', Drolma Lizcano, will meet for a live Instagram moment where they discuss their like-minded views on the power of femininity and how we can utilize it. Now and forever.
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