“It’s all about the feeling.”- Sandra Nasström.
We all deserve time for ourselves, and we sure have the opportunity now. The question is, do we create the space for it? Creating self-care rituals balances the mind, body, and emotions. Gentle touch gives us a sense of who we are, and softness next to the skin makes us feel sensual, kind, and calm day and night. Add doses of physical touching, and you have a beautiful self-love cocktail. A You cocktail
Ally for wellness.Recently we partnered with a seductive company called Alqvimia, from Spain, and connected with their wisdom that seeps into the derma and flows through the veins, creating an ally for wellness. We add their elixirs to our self-care rituals and make room to dream. 
Rule your queendom. Imagine a daily 20-minute ritual. Ready? You walk into a room for self-care. Take deep breaths. Light an Alqvimia candle, undress, and pour yourself a bath with the relaxing and rejuvenating essence of Alqvimia Queen of Egypt Bath and Shower Gel. After your bath, you gently apply Queen of Egypt Body Oil, giving you a penetrating sense of security, increasing your self-esteem, and transporting you beyond the senses. Add their exotic fragrance, Queen of Egypt Eue du toilette, and you are indeed transported to a new place. One that evokes the pleasure of sensuality where everything is possible.

Our silky soft and comfortable eye mask is essential. An eye mask helps shut out the daylight, so you get the maximum value out of your 15 or 20 minutes of your cocktail. A You cocktail.

Rituals deeply affect who we are and how well we live. Do you have self-care rituals? Tell us about them. 

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January 15, 2021 — sandra Nasstrom

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