Sandra Näsström Creates Collections Worth Touching Over and Over Again. ChambresSweden Published in Be-Public Magazine.

Take the road by ChambresSweden

Nomadic fashion designer Sandra Näsström travels the world and proselytizes kindness. She’s on a mission, and she doesn’t care who knows it. Stylist and designer, she owns her own Swedish fashion brand called ChambresSweden. As an avid traveler, she fashions clothes that are light on the skin, multifunctional, and elegant. With many rooms to dream, she creates collections worth touching over and over again.
And in her world, “It’s all about the feeling.”

Take the road by ChambresSweden

Photos taken in Roccantica, Italy. Photographer: Ewa-Marie Johansson, Model: Marta Valentini, Agent: Glamour Model Management, Stylist: Sandra Näsström, Assistant: Diana Gabrielli
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