Change is a Constant

Change is a constant. With everything happening so quickly and suddenly, keeping up can feel impossible. Having a routine and doing the same thing over and over again is most comfortable for many people. But without change, a person cannot grow or learn new things or get better.

Even though dealing with change is not always comfortable or welcomed, benefits abound.

You have more opportunities. Being open to learning about new ideas and possibilities means you become educated on topics you might not have otherwise. You may learn about a unique opportunity or change your career path because you learned something that changed your perspective.

You gain experience. You may learn a new technique to do your job or learn about a modern philosophy around raising your children. When traveling within, you open new doors for getting to know yourself better. 

You feel uncomfortable in a good way. Everyone has moments when they feel nervous or irritated, especially when trying something new. This rush of anticipation often happens when something is changing. But once you have accomplished, learned something new, or been inspired, that nervous feeling becomes one of happiness and gratefulness that you let yourself be uncomfortable to be better.

How you choose to see your surroundings gives you the power to have all possibilities for a great adventure. ChambresSweden embraces freedom of choice in how they design garments. Multifunctional, easy to move in, and easy to take care of, so you have more precious time to live life to the fullest. 

Kristina Kumlin (pictured) knows the way of feeling the power of freedom. She guides you in a free online meditation class . With the reversible Joy Maxi Dress, she has many choices. 

"The combination of style, elegance, and comfort is the perfect way for me to sail through life." - Kristina Kumelin

The Joy Maxi Dress


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