Thank you, Coco.

‘A woman can be overdressed but never over elegant.’ - Coco Chanel

As early as 1918, Coco Chanel began wearing "beach pajamas.” From the Hindi "paejama,” meaning "leg covering," - pajamas were first established as nightwear for men in the 1870s. It was adventurous for a woman to wear trousers of any kind, especially in public, as their gender-confusing suggestion of the boudoir was seen as shocking. But such was Chanel's influence, and “beach pajamas” (baggy style trousers - - complete with a loose-fitting shirt or a sleeveless top - combining elegance and comfort) became popular among rich women by the mid-1920s. Beach pajamas remained in fashion until the 1940s.

An early loungewear trend was the "dressing gown" a fashionable yet comfortable jacket-like garment. Although often worn at home, dressing gowns could also be found at casual social events. They gave wearers a break from the constrictive clothes of the time.

Dressing gowns first became popular in Europe in the early 1700s. At first, they were called “banyans” and took the form of loose, comfortable men’s jackets. These items implied comfort and leisure, so, unsurprisingly, they were only worn by the upper classes.

Dressing gowns for women became popular in the 1880s and worn at home. Much like loungewear today, dressing gowns became the staple clothing item for any activities done at home. Under a dressing gown, women of that era typically wore nightgowns. Like dressing gowns, nightgowns were fashion items and status symbols. At first, they were all long—shorter styles didn’t emerge until much later.

We see the beginnings of modern loungewear in the 20th Century, which seamlessly take us from home to the store and back again. The desire for comfort, the expansion of versatile designs, and the relaxation of work and social dress codes have played a role in today’s loungewear trend. These days, few people will notice if you wear your loungewear in public—something that was once quite shocking!

And here we are with ChambresSwedens’ loungewear that steps out of the bedroom. Classic, versatile garments that bring your day and night alive. With the Grace pants, Nina top, Second skin Polo, and Exclusive Kelly Kimono, you own a capsule wardrobe that is acceptable for any occasion and at any location.

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