"To have a luxury experience is to fully experience the luxury.”

Angela Tunner, Founder, Editor in Chief and Publisher of EAT LOVE SAVOR®, the International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine online, expresses her feelings about luxury in a sensual way that we understand. She writes, “What is luxury essence? The definition of ‘essence’ is defined as being “the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character.“

“So how does one “feel” the essence of luxury?

She continues, "The complex concept of luxury involves intangibles like emotions and the senses. To connect with luxury essence is to feel luxurious by fully engaging the senses in the moments of a luxury experience. No matter how small or grand, being present, allowing yourself to feel, and being fully engaged allows the experience to touch all of the senses. Take note of each one and explore them thoroughly. To have a luxury experience is to fully experience the luxury.” 

It's all about the feeling.. 

This holistic approach to luxury fashion, travel, home, art, and culture, and health and wellness inspired us. To connect with something and someone naturally follows our luxury thoughts on timing and how we relate to the feeling. We conjure beautiful expressions that feel like family. 

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