ChambresSweden Eye-Mask


The Eye Mask

Our silky soft and comfortable eye mask is essential to your daily life.

The benefits of an eye mask; it eases you into sleep and dream in no time at bedtime, and you will wake up with a rested, relaxed feeling. If a quick nap is in your daily routines, the eye mask helps shut out the daylight, so you get the maximum value out of your 15 or 20 minutes of rest. You wear it to sleep well and comfortable on a flight, only soft cushioned fabric touching you. The mask will also help you create a calm space of your own, focusing and meditating much easier.

As with everything else from ChambresSweden, our eye mask is easy to machine wash and made of our high-quality, sustainable fabric, which always feels soft and gentle on your skin.
Always carry your eye mask with you. Such a neat and necessary little item takes no space in your handbag and could be your best friend in the most unexpected way.

Enjoy !
Love & Laughter 

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