ChambresSwedens' First Launch - Something in Common
When Josef Sachs founded Nordiska Kompaniet in 1902, he had a clear vision: the great department store NK was to be a commercial and cultural theater - a contemporary stage. For the latest fashion, top-notch service, or a culinary experience, you’ll most certainly find it at NK.
Sandra Nasström intention when starting her brand was to get her new designs into the most prestigious store in all of Sweden.And through belief and persistence, she succeeded. NK chose her ChambresSweden for their lingerie department. Her brand was launched there in 2012 and has been a steady favorite ever since. 
Josef Sachs, Founder of the NK department stores, was born in 1872 with the retail trade pulsating in his blood to such an extent that he opted out of law studies when he graduated from Stockholm’s Real School in 1890. His great grandfather, Benjamin Leja, opened a bazaar at Gustav Adolf’s square in 1826. Grandfather Joseph Leja opened in 1852 on Regeringsgatan. Eventually, the father ran the store, and then his young son, Josef, took it over in 1892. Visionary Josef Sachs was not satisfied. He had heard of the big department stores in America and Europe. Nordiska Kompaniet became a reality two years into the new century by merging with Stureplan’s KM Lundberg. And in 1915, the department store on Hamngatan Street was inaugurated.  
ChambresSweden and NK share a common passion and focus on quality and care. These attributes invade the brand and the department store. This year for NK’s 2020 Gala, ChambresSweden won a nomination for its Nordic Brand Award. The Gala will present all week and end with a fashion show where ChambresSweden will walk the runway.
We are proud to be part of NK history and appreciate the love and the quality care we have received for eight years and look forward to a bright future.
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August 27, 2020 — Susan Smith

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