It is all about the feeling...the fantastic fabric of ChambresSweden

Once you wear ChambresSweden loungewear you will never want to wear anything else close to your body. So smooth, so soft, so embracing with a luxurious feel. It’s like a second skin. The feeling is relaxation and elegance at the same time.

This is possible through a unique fabric woven from nature’s finest materials and spun in the best textile house in Europe. This superfine rayon looks like liquid gold and feels like silk. It’s easy to wear and easy care. Wear it and drop it in the washing machine at 40 degrees. They look fabulous wash after wash without losing shape or quality. How many of today's fabrics match that?

ChambresSweden clothing will always create a feeling of freedom and beauty without sacrificing quality. Thanks to this unique fabric you will look and feel your best whether you are staying at home, traveling, doing yoga, partying all night, or just enjoying a lazy Sunday. Clothes to love, clothes to wear, 24/7. Only high-quality materials can live this way.

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Love your ChambresSweden and they will love you.

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