The Modern Silk

It's all about the timing. 

Don’t you think it’s great when everything lines up at the right moment? That’s how Founder Sandra Nasström felt when she discovered the fabric for her Chambres garment designs. 

Modern silk 

She researched many choices. Silk was a soft favorite of hers, but she discovered that the washable silk always lost its shape after a few washes, and the lifetime, harm, and expense of dry cleaning wasn’t a great choice either. It seemed nothing she found met her approval for a natural material that didn’t irritate her skin and was easy to take care of.


Then, as divine timing would have it, she met a stranger on a train who literally had a brochure about the fabric company she nows produces with. And to top it all off, the company had integrity. 

FSC® Forest Stewardship Council

Their fabric is “silk inspired” and award-winning; it is also FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified pulp from a Swedish biorefinery. And the wood required for this comes 100% from local, legal, and sustainable reforestation in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, and Scotland. 


What a minute. The synchronicity is breathtaking. And there’s more. The thread company commits itself to a sustainable purchasing policy to protect the forest. The fabric weaving company is also Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Fair Trade and Certified OEKO TEX 100 & OEKO TEX 1000, and the rayon threads are biodegradable. Hold on, I gotta sit down. 

This was a spectacular find for Sandra. And all because she took that particular train on that specific day and sat next to one particular person. Now, what do you call that? I call it feeling fortunate.

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