I Need Some More Threads !

,"If you feel comfortable and elegant, wear it." - Sandra Nasström

Customer Frida loves her some ChambresSweden and wears them until they are threadbare. Really. We almost considered bringing back our Tiffany top from 2012 because she was so passionate about it. We appreciate how our customers light up our work environment. We are because of You.

When you speak with any ChambresSweden customer, you'll hear one main thing, "I haven't taken it off since I bought it." The feel of SUPERFINE® rayon creates a "designed to last" feeling. Choosing quality over quantity saves space in your wardrobe. It's like performing an act of self-love.

The definition of quality has changed. It used to mean construction and cloth. The quality assessment now goes beyond the fabric and includes where, how, and what conditions the garments are made. 

And the cost? An interesting way to look at your money flow is how often you wear the garment you bought. Do you wear it often, or does it remain hidden behind closed doors? Or did it lose its' fit and color after three washes? 

The easy wear and easy care quality of ChambresSweden. Read more here:

At ChambresSweden, we feel that choosing quality over quantity is the way forward. By buying less and making sure what you buy will last, you decide to be more sustainable. 

When new threads are needed, consider a capsule wardrobe  Read more here Consider spending more time with yourself and your loved ones rather than shopping, shopping, shopping. We are with you.

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