ChambresSweden Designing leather bags?

Questions to ChambresSweden designer, Sandra Näsström: Why on earth would you choose to design your new handbags in leather? I thought you were a vegetarian. I mean, what about sustainability? What about the animal? You don't even eat meat. What are you thinking?

Sandra answers: "The beauty of age. I thought long and hard about my choices. I searched, and I touched, poked, and prodded my way through choices, and after long deliberations, I chose "rescued" leather. I like that I'm reclaiming material while minimizing waste and creating something beautiful and functional that lasts a lifetime. Thoughts about sustainability rested easily on my heart. It's durable, gentle to the touch, and holds life impressions handed down through generations."

Rescued leather: We had the opportunity to meet with Pepe, who has worked in the leather trade for decades. He works with reclaimed leather from the top Italian brands. The leather's quality and feel and knowledge that it's "Made in Italy" made our decision easy. And as long as we continuously strive to learn and improve, being open and transparent in all our activities, leather is unquestionably sustainable. One we can be proud to be involved in making.

ChambresSwedens' commitment to kindness in all matters matter. 

Stay tuned for a Limited Collection of rescued leather goods. Be the one to wear unique couture "Made in Italy" Alvie Bag.


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