A Scarf and Your Imagination Go Together Like Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti 

A life with scarves is like having it all. The most versatile accessory ever. You can wear a scarf year-round in so many different ways. Use it on your vacation time during summer, perfect company to the pool or beach, and for chilly autumn days. It warms you.

The Scarf is perfect for traveling; put it in your hand luggage to pick up if you feel frozen or need a nap. Style it as a sarong for the beach or pool. Feel at ease when taking a lunch break in your Scarf.

Any bad hair day is quickly saved by a scarf wrapped like a turban.

So stylish. For evening looks, the scarf is so useful. Wrapped around your shoulders or your hair, it adds a little extra to any look. Possibilities are endless with the right scarf. And we have it!

Order your ChambresSweden scarf in blue or lilac.

Perfectly and generously sized at 180cm x 110cm and made of sensationally soft and light silk and cotton blend.

Comfortable wear, easy care. Machine wash at 40 degrees. Your scarf comes in a neat little cotton bag.

Scarf is printed with the symbol of ChambresSweden logo. More here.


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