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To all you ChambresSweden loving men, we made this just for you!

We all know women feel beautiful and sensual wearing "loungerie"… like lingerie that steps out of the bedroom. The man shopping for her may need some guidelines. These men delight us with their extra effort. So shake off that anxiety and take a look at the shopping guide we created just for you. Experiencing that unique happiness from your woman feels good, right? Here's some advice. 

1. Find out her size through espionage.

Yes, size and fit matter. ChambresSweden pieces are made for Swedish sizing, which means they are a bit on the broad side than Italy or France. They are of high quality, and they stretch. Sneak around the closet and look at the size she wears, and then view our size guide.

2. Don't worry about how long you've been together.

It doesn't matter if you've been going out with a woman for two weeks or three years. Buying "loungerie" for your wife or girlfriend is an act of kindness. Chambres Sweden designs garments that look elegant, give a sense of sensual ease and are worn from her day into her night. 

3. If you want her to wear it more than once, think comfort.

That's why you're in our store. We are all about the feeling. For a woman, nightwear is a second skin sensation. To buy underwear just because it's beautiful is a waste of money. If it makes her uncomfortable, she will never wear it. Get something comfortable and sensually elegant she'll wear every day and feel beautiful in.

If your woman is :

Sporty - go for the Nina top and Nina dress or Zeo pants / Zoe Jacket. 

Lace Lovers - Karin dress is a great option. 

Tall and Glamorous - Marlene Maxi dress / Zoe Maxi

Elegant yet practical - Vittoria dress with her multifunctional use / Grace pants 

Active Mothers - Natalie dress, Josefin jacket, and Zoe pants 

Mature women - Exclusive Kelly Kimono and Grace pants

4. The fool-proof option

If you're not sure which color she likes or whether she likes lace or silk, I will go for something modern and classic, like a black or champagne Eva top, Zoe pants, Kelly Kimono, or Natalie dress. It's a timeless style for any kind of woman, big or small - it's both beautiful and sensually ease-y. 

5. You've taken the plunge - now present it with panache.

Be original - women really love surprises. It's cute if she wakes up in the morning, and you've already left for work, and she sees a beautiful bag on the pillow with perfectly soft and elegant "loungerie" inside. Or maybe call her at her lunch break and say, "When you get home, there's a surprise waiting for you under the bed." Then just go for it and enjoy the show.

If you simply can't decide, give her a gift card. That way, she'll be able to choose what she wants. You can purchase your Gift Card here: 

If you'd like a personal note added to your Gift Card, email

So let's share this with all men out there. We are eager to hear your thoughts and connect.

Let us know how you feel about shopping for your Love.

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