There she was. Standing in a corner at the art opening. Paris, France. You know those people you see, and the glow of familiarity magnetizes you to each other? Familiar connections happen anywhere at any moment when you are truly present.

I met Cèline Martin-Sisteron that night. She was the woman in the corner. We came together, and I instantly adored her. She felt special. Her genuine manner captured me. I took her photo because I wanted our moment to last.

Some time passed, and as I looked for a model for my next photoshoot, I thought of her. I like to cast models who instill character into the poses. I contacted her through friends. We met for coffee a few times where I discovered she was an actress. When I asked her if she would create photos with me for ChambresSweden, she immediately said yes. Her willingness, infectious. Her spontaneity, inspiring.


I will always remember that photoshoot and how committed to the moment she was. How engaged we both were. And most importantly, how much fun we had. Don’t you love people who are open to life, grab it by the horns and live it?


I miss you, Cèline. I miss you in Paris. In our first moments that night in the gallery, we could have only imagined how the future would unfold. But what we sensed, right then, felt passionate and real. And those are the waves we like to ride.


This filming is a moment in my Paris apartment with Cèline and a ChambresSweden Exclusive Kelly Kimono.


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