Strength and Fragility Wrapped Up in One Garment

“The Kimono is more than a robe. It’s a spirit.” - Ahu Smith

The Kimono. A fashion icon. Timeless. One of a kind beauty. The classic kimono continues to inspire us.

Originally, "kimono" was the Japanese word for clothing. Throughout Japanese history, the kimono has had many lives. From Samurai clans wearing identifiable kimonos representing their Lords to the art and ceremonies of the Geisha, kimonos are genderless. 

These days western culture influences fashion in the east and the traditional kimono transforms from special occasions like weddings, tea ceremonies, funerals, and festivals to fashion for any occasion or any location. These beautiful garments have significance even today in Japan as some families choose to hand down their kimonos to their children as family heirlooms. 

The world over designers create kimonos, which traditionally symbolize longevity and good fortune. The kimono designed by Sandra Nasström at Chambres symbolizes the long-lasting sensual feeling of classic luxury. Like the desert needs the rain, my closet needs a Kelly kimono. 

For some kimono fashion fun, check this out. Or go!

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