Susan in Love with Nature

Being in love with nature and seeing the effects of how we treat her brings me to my knees. I'm not perfect in my treatment. It involves a lot of time and energy to keep up with all the requirements and demands. But I control what I can. 

We live in a "modern world."

Stresses of everyday existence compel us to look the other way, start being more responsible tomorrow when we have more time, or buy a garment because it's cheap and consider where it comes from another day.

I don't appreciate raping the forests,

polluting the waters, animals suffering, and death from dis-ease. We allow the head to rule us instead of our hearts. The wisdom of Mother Earth responds to our ignorance and betrayal.

Responsibility for the Earth

Since working with ChambresSweden and coming from the USA, I've become more conscious of how I treat the planet and its people. The culture here inspires me. I'm encouraged to inspire others that responsibility for the Earth starts within us. It begins with responding from my heart instead of my head about what's right and kind for me. When I breathe into Mother Earth, she stands firm and will have her way with us, depending on how we treat her. She is an unstoppable force, just like you and me. And when I act with kindness and non-judgment, I can genuinely listen to another's point of view. I can hear the Earth's point of view. And she responds in kind when we ignore her beauty and majesty. How do we listen through the chatter of all that is around us? 

Innovation and awareness.

Recently we received an email from a woman who made us probe more profoundly into how we communicate our responsibility to these ends. She asked questions that provoke emotion and fact. We are proud to fully understand that our company designs and manufactures garments from practices that are kind to the Earth and its people as much as they can be in these modern times. Innovation and awareness are vital components. Read more about Sustainability

How can we live in this fast-paced world and keep up with the care of our planet?

At Chambres Sweden, it starts within us and how we treat ourselves, which expands how we treat other human beings, animals, and this planet we call Home. 

I invite you to read the questions asked by a concerned, conscious, and curious customer and our answers.

Juliette: "I prefer cotton and silk, which are natural fibres, as I understand natural fibres to be."

ChambresSweden: Yes, but looking at the whole picture, we choose rayon for its feeling and easy care qualities. Water is a driving force in our company and having ecological cotton requires a lot of water, and most mills can't treat it and turn it into drinking water. The silk takes a lot of resources and uses chemical processing of the silkworms (which are killed for the purpose), and the life of a silk garment requires toxic dry cleaning that harms the environment significantly. (personally, the smell makes me ill) Silk should never touch the water, and washable silk doesn't hold it's integrity. 

Juliette: "I've spent my whole life reading rayon as synthetic fabric. Was I wrong?"

ChambresSwedenInnovation rayon.

This award-winning fabric and innovation rayon is from sustainable and protected forests of spruce, pine, and birch in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, and Scotland. The Forest Stewardship Council maintains the integrity of this protection. 

Juliette: "Are we saying essentially rayon is wood processed with chemicals?"

ChambresSweden: Yes, to create rayon, you need chemicals to process the threads, which can be done environmentally. … (See the attached Sustainability doc.) We find beauty in family-owned companies that are kind and close to home. We like innovation and good manners that make our life more comfortable while still maintaining conscious choices. Life is a balance. Oui?


Susan Smith of ChambresSweden                                                                           

I answer your questions. Email:

Susan wears ChambresSwedens' cotton/silk Scarf and Zoe dress.

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