How we wear Karin and Natalie dress

As a Medium size woman, I have this slip dress in two of the five sizes. When I need a slip dress under my dresses to feel the support and a smoother feeling and look, I choose the small size. The slip also protects my garments from perspiration. The medium is what I wear for any occasion and location including around the house and sleeping in. Combine the adjustable straps for the impeccable bust fit with the cut of the bodice and you have the perfect silhouette. 

Karin slip dress By ChambresSweden

The beauty with this material is not only that it breaths but its light stretch and the feeling of it being my second skin. I think my favorite thing about this fabric is that it relaxes and forms around my body after I wear it a while. And after washing it over and over again it always keeps its shape and color.

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