Womens Fashion Journey in Russia

Looking and feeling elegant no matter where you go 

The key element of the Russian ladies’ style, noticed almost by every foreigner, is very feminine and often “revealing” clothing. Many women regardless of their age dress up when they go out. This is today … but ...

In Soviet time (1945-1960), many women’s wardrobes were sparse; the choice of the clothes was limited and poor. Patterns were designed to cover a body but not to underscore the woman’s beauty. The main objective of the textile industry was to make comfortable and functional clothes. The Soviet economy was designed for the age of mass production and national power but not for an individual's style. The word “individualism” was negative. A person should not be distinguished or stand out.

In 1959, Dior House 

brought to Moscow its new summer collection with “the new look”. The elegant models in stylish dresses with luxury accessories walked in the center of Moscow. Their exquisite looks surprised and shocked Russian women in long, loose, dark dresses. In time, Russian women learned how different and beautiful a dress or a costume may look. Mainly thanks to foreign fashion magazines there was a sewing machine in almost every household and women started making their own dresses that had style and femininity.

The greatest changes 

occurred in the early 1990s when the local textile industry declined for lack of demand and Russian people got free access to European and American fashion. An abundance of western brands and a variety of styles brought new breath into Russian fashion. 

Russian women

like to be beautiful and enjoy their looks. An overheard conversation in the ladies’ room easily proves this assumption. “A girl must always look elegant and pretty” a mother persuaded her young daughter of 5 years old.

Thank you F.W.R.L for the lovely photo editorial in your Sunshine, Volume 4 Issue July 2020.

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