The children know an excellent vibe; their feelings lead the way.Limited edition, luxury kid clothes. The Kelly kimono  Mini-me. matching Zoe pants 

Sleep good in Kelly kimono and zeo pants Mine-me by ChambresSweden

We did not start their feel-good fashion journey. The children would not let go of their mothers Chambre's pieces of comfort. We aim to please and create a unique MiniMe match. Make playdates and gatherings a little more colorful. Remember to appreciate their innate sense of high quality and natural breathable materials. At ChambresSweden, we keep kindness in mind when designing our clothes. 
Zeo pants and Kelly kimono mini-me by ChambresSweden

                  Wearing Kelly Kimono and Zoe pants.

mini-me by ChambresSweden

                            Mom and Me Matching Outfits

We designed the Kelly Kimono and Zoe pants for the tender ages. And what fun it is when Mama matches her child's outfit for the day into the night. Yes, Chambres garments are worn 24/7 for any occasion and any location. We match you up in colors of blue and pink.

Clare's Mini Room to Dream

mini-me by ChambresSweden

Kids mini-me by Chambressweden

Loungerie by ChambresSweden
Look at little Clara chilling at her home in London reading on her mini couch. She feels free and relaxed enough to nap, and when your little ones feel good, Mama feels good too. Yes? 

mini-me set by ChambresSweden

Louise Aldrin took these London photos: Clara Aldrin, Stylist: Louise Aldrin, Clothing: ChambresSweden

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