Chambres Story

Our Story...

The story started in 2012 when Sandra Näsström designed and made a super-light and very sensual slip for the models to wear under their couture gowns at a fashion show, at her concept salon Chambre Separee, in the heart of Stockholm. The slips felt so good that the girls insisted on wearing them as dresses when they went out dancing that evening.
Sandra was inspired by the idea of creating something adaptable that could be worn 24/7. She decided to name her new slip-dress Natalie, after the first model who wore it. And so the first Chambres piece was born.
Today, Chambres flourishes as a luxury loungewear and lifestyle brand that fuses elegant and easy wearing functional design with timeless style to provide for the modern woman’s everyday needs. Chambres’ simple philosophy is to create beautiful mix match ready-to-wear and easy-to-care for pieces that work wherever you are.
Look elegant and enjoy the feeling of sensual ease. Any occasion. Any location. Day into night.

Om Chambres, lingerie, loungerie, klänning, toppar och body. Chambres BerättelseChambres Classic

Natalie remains one of the most popular Chambres pieces to this day and forms a part of the Chambres Classic collection, the essential, always-available pieces in signature black and champagne that no woman should be without.
Chambres Season

In addition, twice a year, Chambres produces a new, limited edition range of colour-themed Chambres Season pieces that are designed to capture the moment and give your wardrobe fresh impetus. .
Symbol of branded logo Chambres Sweden

Chambres Symbol

Water is the inspiration for Chambres and its collection. The Chambres logo is derived from water crystals, captured by the Photography of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, and symbolizes the eternal loop of the wonders of nature and the universe, combined with the simplicity of pure form.

Sandra näsström founder of Chambres Sweden
Sandra Näsström Chambres,
It’s all about the feeling. With my history of delicate eczema skin it was essential to find the right fabric to create garments that were kind to my skin and feel like I was diving into soft clean water. I want others to enjoy easy care, through my design. Less is more for me. I travel light. I bring a few pieces. My Zoe jacket and pants, Natalie dress and Eva top and I never forget my Kelly Kimono.   
Practicality and luxury meet easy care … you can expect that from us.  
Get into the feeling!
Sandra Nasström 
Founder &, CEO 

The Chambres client list includes celebrities such as Mariah Carey (artist), Tilda Swinton (actor), Silvia Bernadotte (Queen of Sweden), Anita Schulman (Swedish blogger and interior designer), Johanna Ekström (writer and artist) and Sofia Karlsson (Swedish singer).