The element of water is the driving force behind Chambres Sweden. The Nordic star embedded in the Chambres logo symbolizes crystal clear water for all. Read more about how you and we contribute to safe water for people in need.


Sustainability focuses on meeting our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. At Chambres Sweden, we appreciate what we have, make wise choices, and find innovative solutions to global challenges. 

“Growing up by the Baltic Sea in Sweden's countryside, I never thought about water being unsafe to drink. Today Sweden still has beautiful water and infrastructure to support it. Yet others have never had clean water. I feel it's important to bring awareness to preserving and protecting the beauty and essence of all bodies of water.” - Sandra Nasström, Founder

European Made We choose European manufacturing and sourcing partners that align with a sustainability framework and encourage us not to accept limitations as an answer. Also, the exchange with close neighbors helps us prevent carbon footprints that damage our environment. For decades, our fabric manufacturer has made massive investments in water and package recycling, re-use of processed water, renewable energy, and maximum waste reduction. Their efficient high tech systems are one of a kind. 

Our fabric is fully certified sustainable, biodegradable, fair trade, organic, renewable material. 

The wood required for making SUPERFINE® Rayon comes 100% from local, legal, and sustainable reforestation in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, and Scotland. FSC® certified and committed to a sustainable purchasing policy that protects the forest.

It comes down to kindness and the flow and contrast of life. Keeping balance with the world around us feels essential.