It's all about the feeling and good vibes.

We call it the modern silk. A second skin feels breathable, durable, and kind, making it ideal for sensitive skin. With a luxuriously soft touch that children adore, it emanates good vibes and comforts Day & Night.

Its all about the feeling!

A secondskin touch that you want to wear.


We have some NEWS in store for You!

Your first layer soft and kind.

Your basic pieces make styling easy. Combine our essentials with your wardrobe pieces. Your first layer: Wear the feeling of comfort and soft touch Day and night.

Wrap yourself in luxurious comfort with our day-to-night essentials. Experience second-skin comfort with our soft, breathable nightwear and loungewear."


Customer reviews
Customer reviews
The combination of style, elegance and comfort is the perfect way for me to sail through life. Sandra is amazing at incorporating this feeling. Chambres make me feel special every time I wear them, which happen to be quite often actually! Thank you!
— Kristina Kumlin
Customer reviews
The lace around the bust on Karin petticoat is ingenious! I have a fairly large bust, and it holds everything in place and is so nicely framed❤️👍🏽 Bravo
— Kishti Tomita
Customer reviews
I love your clothes! We often use Chambres for our actresses, and they love to wear Chambres. See you soon again, Sandra! 😉😉
— Anna H. (Stylist)
Customer reviews
Its a family affair.
Chambre's fantastic clothes are a pleasure to wear, you feel really feminine and comfortable. 
— Gunilla D.R
Customer reviews
Since I have a love for beautiful brands and wonderful materials, it really became "love at first sight" when I got home my first champagne-colored kimono. It is perfect to pack for travel and feels like honey on the skin .... so luxurious and beautiful. Perfect to wear with a pair of jeans with high heels and glittery earrings. Thanks!I'll be shopping from you again soon!
— Malin Hammar-Blomwall
Customer reviews
For me, CHAMBRES is a feeling of freedom in a second skin.Beautiful fabric for every days occasion!
— Matthias Lavesson

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