Water is the inspiration for ChambresSweden and its collection. The logo, derived from water crystals, symbolizes the eternal loop of nature and the universe, combined with pure form simplicity.

It's all about the feeling!

Chambres inspiration is water


Chambres thrives as a luxury lingerie and loungewear brand. From your day into the night, Chambres takes you there. Our garments fuse elegance and versatile design with effortless style. We create mix and match, ready-to-wear and easy to care for pieces that work for any occasion at any location. 


ChambresSweden loves the feminine energy and empowers women to feel good about themselves. 
Create an environmentally friendly innovative, and long-lasting collection both in production and style. The go-to lingerie and loungewear brand for women who value functional designs that are elegant, luxurious and feminine.
Enjoy a feeling of sensual ease. Any occasion, any location, day & night
  Chambres’ Essence

”As a designer and stylist, it’s a feeling of satisfaction when a woman put on a Chambres piece and gets in to the feel, a soft kind touch of comfort in her unique style .saying - I'm never taking it off  - Sandra Nasstrom, founder.

Timelessness, grace and beauty are at the core of Chambres. We thrive in feminine energy, creating a world of kindness, passion and inspiration. 

The look of liquid gold combined with the feeling of luxury  creates a second-skin sensation and freedom in movement.

Day and Night wear by Chambressweden


Innovation and Sustainability 

At ChambresSweden, we appreciate what we have, we make wise choices and find innovative solutions to global challenges. 

We are in tune with new innovations in technology and design.We handpick our small environmentally friendly factories.We value advanced high-tech technologies, which are represented in the award-winning superfine Rayon we use. We call it the modern silk. 

Symbol of branded logo Chambres Sweden


Giving back 

 ChambresSweden donates to Solvatten.org, which provides clean water systems to underdeveloped countries. 

The ChambresSweden client

Includes celebrities such as Mariah Carey (artist), Tilda Swinton (actor), Silvia Bernadotte (Queen of Sweden), Anita Clemens (Swedish blogger and interior designer) and Sofia Karlsson (Swedish singer).