Founder of Chambres in sweden sandra näsström




Sandra Näsström is the CEO and Founder at ChambresSweden. Her unapologetic dedication to creating from heart space has carried her through different stages of life with a single mission: to embrace feminine energy and live in its full power. 

The first Chambres piece was born as an intuitive underdress design for a fashion show Sandra hosted in her creative space. The garment's fluid, feminine expression won the guests' hearts, and the model pleaded to wear it for her night out. Over the years, Sandra has instilled the mindset of empowered femininity into every detail of her designs, creating an authentic lifestyle brand that inspires people to feel good about themselves. 


ChambresSweden is a deeply personal project that ties in with Sandra's life, dreams, and values. Her childhood memories spent by the Baltic Sea translate into the water-inspired logo that symbolizes the eternal loop of nature and the universe. Her holistic thinking and history of sensitive skin ensure that premium-quality, ethical materials are integral to the brand's philosophy. Her intention to elevate everyday dressing with a touch of kindness and sensual ease turns into garments that can be worn 24/7 as a second skin.

Sandra has also made it a point to work with slow fashion – living in alignment with oneself, rather than sales-driven fashion fads, is her definition of luxury.

“The first step in creating a charmed life is setting an intention to feel this way. ChambresSweden is all about evoking kindness to oneself and others, and our products are an invitation to make daily choices that support it.”

- ChambresSweden CEO and Founder Sandra Näsström