hot pink kelly kimono by chambressweden


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 Capture the feeling of elegant, simple luxury. Chambres Kimonos envelop you like a second skin. Step out of the bedroom and feel relaxed 24/7.

It's all about the feeling...

 Elegance and sensual ease. Any occasion. Any location. Day into night.


14 products

14 products

Kelly Kimono Exclusive Short
Kelly Kimono Exclusive Maxi
Joe Bolero Jacket
Kelly Kimono Classic
Zoe Maxi Dress - Black
Zoe Maxi robe-dress by Chambres Sweden
Zoe Maxi Dress - Blue
Zeo Maxi Dress color champagne by Chambres
Zoe Maxi Dress - Champagne
Kelly Kimono Maxi Classic
Vittoria dress open front by Chambres Sweden
Vittoria Dress - Black
Zoe Maxi - Dusty Pink
Mini-Me Kelly - Pink
Mini-Me Kelly - Classic blue
Josefin Jacket
Ayo Jacket