How do I return a ChambresSweden product?


See our return policy.


Can I exchange a gift?

No problem! We are happy to exchange your gift. Send an email to, and we will take care of you.

Holy Luxury! My package has been damaged, lost, or stolen. What do I do?

Oh no! To begin with, send an application/request to the shipping company. Then send an email to and let us know your order number and your specific shipping number. Once we receive it, we will work together to solve your case in the best way.

I'm waiting for a refund. How long does this take?

We need 5 - 8 working days to receive your return order. Hold on - it may take up to three days for us to process your return. Once your items have been reviewed and approved, we will refund the amount to the original form of payment, and you will receive a notification of your refund via email. After processing your refund, it may take another two working days before seeing the money in your account—Return Policy.

Do you offer express shipping? 

Yes, we offer DHL express 

My order has not arrived within the expected time.

We understand. We also love our ChambresSweden. Send an email to, and we will immediately investigate what may have happened.

 What material does ChambresSweden use in their clothes? 

93% SUPERFINE® Rayon is a certified sustainable, biodegradable, fair trade, renewable, OEKO TEX 100 & OEKO TEX 1000, and eco-friendly fabric. It's breathable, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. With the "second-skin feel," you may forget you have anything on at all. 7% Elastane threads added for stretch. For us, it's all about the feeling. Read more about the material. 

How do I wash ChambresSweden clothes?

One of the great things about ChambresSweden clothing is that you can drop them into the machine. We recommend 30 ° C, but you can wash them at 40 ° C if you want. Avoid bleach. Dry on low heat in a dryer or hang them on a hanger to dry freely. Your ChambresSweden garments retain their fit, color, and quality wash after wash after wash.

How are ChambresSweden clothes produced?

We believe that good energy and conscious practices are as important as the garment itself. Our handpicked European partners are our extended family and maintain sustainable, innovative, and fair trade practices. Focusing on loving, caring environments is crucial to our mission. Read about Modern Silk

Do you produce anything that comes from China? 

Everything produced for ChambresSweden comes from our neighbors in Europe.

Will my ChambresSweden garments wrinkle? Material and Care

Yes, natural materials always do, but no worries - hang it in the steam of your shower, and it's fresh and new. Or cool iron it.

Do ChambresSweden clothes work for yoga and other physical sports activities?

Yes. Our customers love the comfort and how the material breathes. 

Does ChambresSweden work on the go?

Yes. One of the most significant benefits of ChambresSweden clothing is its round-the-clock versatility. We believe less is more. Read about our capsule collections.

Can I arrange a home party with ChambresSweden clothes?

Absolutely! We welcome ambassadors for our brand. Please send us an email at to discuss details and scheduling.

 I cannot find the answer to my question!

We aim to please. If you don't find the answer to your question, please email us at, and we will get back to you!