Capsul wardrobe by chambresswedenZeo Pants, worn by Nora Matisse

What's better than a crowded wardrobe?

A Capsule Wardrobe, that's what.

Capsule Wardrobe is a growing movement. For those of you who are tired of expanded wardrobes where there still doesn't seem to be anything you want to wear, we have the recipe. The trick is to have as few clothes as possible and always have something to put on that feels right. Everything matches and combines and feels like your best friends. A feeling of elegance and sensual ease. Enter the ChambresSweden Lifestyle. 

Is your wardrobe crowded? We've got solutions!

The first thing you can do for peace of mind is to go through your closet and sort out your clothes. Once you go through them and realize you need to update, we have a solution. 

We follow world-renowned organizer Marie Kondo of the KonMari Method ™

We love how she suggests that you take the time to ask yourself how each garment in your closet makes you feel. As we always say, it's all about the feeling. The advice is to take your time and go through piece by piece and ask yourself, How does it make you feel? … Comfortable? A little too tight? Have you worn it in years? … for what reason? Discard items that no longer spark your joy. Be grateful and thank them for their service, fold them nicely, and then let them go. 

How can ChambresSweden make your wardrobe choices easier?

ChambresSweden clothes are combined and worn 24/7/365 days of the year, anywhere, and at any time. With a pair of pants, a kimono/jacket, two tops, and one or two of our dresses, you have lots of lovely combinations that work everywhere. 

Did you know Chambres have multifunctional clothes?

Several of our designs are reversible. The Joy Dress, for example, can be turned inside and out for two different color choices and also turned front or back for a varied neckline. Four looks in one garment! We call this multifunctional clothing. Perfect garments to minimize packing in your closets, drawers, and trips. How simple life can be.

How can ChambresSweden be worn throughout the four-yearly seasons?

ChambresSweden Capsule concept gives you the freedom of not thinking about packing away your garments every season. Our high-end garments work for every season. Go ahead and add jeans, thicker sweaters, cardigans, a business jacket, trousers, etc. The great thing is that ChambresSweden clothes further enhance your outfits.

A firm conclusion- ChambresSweden As Your Base Wardrobe!

Our clothes are timeless, classic, and put soft femininity first. They are easy to care for and will keep shape and color wash after wash, year after year. ChambresSwedens' clothes make you look both comfortable and well-dressed.

Simplify your life. Live your most beautiful self. Get into the feeling and enjoy wearing luxurious, beautiful yet practical, and always elegant. 



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