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 ChambresSweden activates our feminine side and clears a path for present and future generations. A positive aspect of these covid days is that we are creating more time to deepen our relationship with others. One such mother and daughter chose to make a photoshoot and video together and celebrate femininity. We asked both of them questions about their feminine energy ideas and how they claim this within themselves yesterday and today.

Read on and get inspired. We are.

Carin wears Exclusive Kimono and Marlene dress

 Chambres: What was the first feeling you had when your daughter asked you to 

take part in a photoshoot wearing Chambres clothes?

Mother: I felt honored, and also like I wanted to move out of my comfort zone a bit. Earlier, I have declined such offers because I have felt difficulty relaxing in front of the camera. But this time, I felt like accepting the challenge.

Chambres: Did you feel vulnerable wearing soft sensual clothing and being photographed by your daughter? Why or why not?

Mother: Absolutely not, and particularly not as my daughter took the pictures. 

Carin wears marlene maxi dress By ChambresSwedenCarin wears Marlene maxi dress 

Chambres: Do you feel your daughter influences your feminine side? How?

Mother: Yes, she does; she is both encouraging my aesthetic choices and inspires me through how she is living and what she creates. 

Chambres: How would you describe feminine energy?

Mother: To me, feminine energy is nurturing, to be soft with the children, to set the table beautifully, to make pretty arrangements at home. To be in touch with one's sensual side and prioritize that in life.

Carin wears Vittoria maxi dress 

Chambres: Do you feel that you are in touch with your feminine energy? In what way does this manifest in your life? If not, what would inspire you to get in touch with it?

Mother: To me, it's essential to have some fresh flowers, to keep my home harmonious and keep myself clean and fresh. I always wear some makeup and do my hair, whether I'm going someplace or not. To me, that is a form of self-respect to honor myself every day like that.


marlene dress and Kelly kimono by Chambressweden
Kelly kimono and nina dress by Chambressweden
Carin wears Kelly Kimono and Marlene dress

Chambres: When your daughter was growing up, how did you influence her femininity?

Mother: When she was a child, I kept her neat, she had the cutest curls, and I loved to make something out of it in different ways. And then, I felt it was up to her to see how I treated myself regarding these things and follow her own path.

Chambres: In what situations do you allow your playful side to be seen?

Mother: With my grandchildren and my granddog! And of course, with Katarina.

Playing in bed wearing Exclusiv kimono by ChambresSwedenCarin wears Marlene maxi and Exclusive Kimono

Chambres: As a Swedish woman, do you feel it’s challenging to be soft and feminine? Why? 

Mother: Definitely not. I have always had my own style. 

Wearing Kelly Exclusiv Kimono by ChambresSweden

Ayo kimono and grace pants by ChambresSweden
Carin wears Ayo jacketGrace pantsand Nina top
Chambres: Swedish women are seen as “perfect” and “staunchly independent.” How do you feel about this? 

Mother: I am born between two generations, one where the woman was expected to do everything within the home, and one where the woman was expected to work full time, and I managed to do both, which I am proud of. On top of this, my my husband worked at sea. When I woke my children up in the morning, I was dressed and ready, with my morning routines already done.

Chambres: Are pleasure and joy a top priority for you? Describe pleasure and joy. Is it something you desire more of?

Mother: To me, it is in the little things.  

Chambres: Do you feel Chambres clothing evokes a feeling within you?

Mother: They give me a very pleasant feeling that adds to my everyday luxury. 

Chambres: What features make a woman beautiful to you?

Mother: That is when she has a beautiful way of showing up, and for me, that includes so much, it can be the tone of her voice, her way of dressing, and her way of carrying herself. Her character and the way she treats other people. I see and appreciate subtle things and expressions in someone's style.

sLEEPINGMASK BY cHAMBRESsWEDENCarin wears Second skin polo and ChambresSweden Eye mask

The Daughter

Chambres: Was this the first time you photographed your mother in this way?

Daughter: Actually, we had quite a special time in Milan once, when I persuaded her that we'd do a series of images there. Just very spontaneously. It felt like a unique and intimate way to spend time together. This was, of course, different, as we had not met for half a year due to COVID, and my mother had spent a great deal of time alone. These images were taken in her home, in her setting and energy, as well as her favorite spot by the sea. 

Chambres: When growing up, did you feel your mother evoked feminine energy? If so, how did this influence you?

Daughter: My mother is very, very much a mother. Caring and loving. I can remember her touch. She has also always had a unique feminine look and elegance. From folding sheets to putting on makeup, she just has this effortless way of making everything look very exquisite. If that is feminine, I don't know, but I would say so when it comes to her. She has, of course, influenced me in several ways. She has always arranged what I would call still life. I even try to learn from her and keep a few sheets in my linen cupboard that she has folded because I just love to feel her energy and see them.

Chambres: How would you describe feminine energy?

Daughter: To me, the feminine energy is soft and strong. The image of breastfeeding in stillness comes to mind. Intuitive, creative, vibrant, playful, sensual. It doesn't chase after things but instead opens up to receive them. Feminine energy is magnetic and deeply in touch with the emotions as guides to deeper learning and shadow aspects. It willingly gets its hands dirty in the musky layers of the emotional soil.

Chambres: Do you feel you are in touch with your feminine energy? How does this manifest in your life? If not, what would inspire you to get in touch with it?

Daughter: I feel very much in touch with the feminine and always have. In a world that focuses on achievement, productivity, and results, it has felt extra urgent to develop a relationship to a feminine core, since the world is saturated with what I feel might be called masculine traits. However, I believe it's not a question of either-or; it’s about finding these energies and archetypes within and realize we have them both and bring them into balance. In my life, I focus a great deal on going inward to deepen with myself. My creativity is based on a type of inner listening and being receptive. I continuously practice to trust in my intuition and let things come at their own pace. And flowers. Flowers are religion to me.

Chambres: As a Swedish woman, do you feel it’s challenging to be soft and feminine? Why?

Daughter: Not really. I have not tried to conform to any conventional standard; we must set our own to become who we are. However, as a woman, we naturally have rhythms that are not considered in this western society, which causes a lot of unnecessary stress.

Chambres: Did you experience your mother’s playful side when you were growing up? How has that affected your life?

Daughter: My mother has a lot of humor. I think it was a default setting in our family, though my parents and grandparents were very playful.

Chambres: Are pleasure and joy a top priority for you? Describe pleasure.

Daughter: One hundred percent. When I pursue my passion with purpose, I feel joy and pleasure. That is the way to live and be happy. It all comes from there.

Chambres: What features make a woman beautiful to you?

Daughter: That she is relaxed, loving, evolving, kind, honest, open, vulnerable, inclusive. That she has a lot of integrity and follows her intuition, and takes good care of herself emotionally and physically—something like that. I also feel it's very beautiful when a woman owns her sexuality and emotions—anger for example. A woman who knows herself and is not ashamed of what she sees is an epiphany.

Chambres: How do you see sensualities role for women in these times?

Daughter: I see there are many ideas about what is feminine. In many ways, to be a "strong" woman today has become the same as acting as the traditional idea of a man. Then we are just a world of humans trying to mimic one energy. I don't feel that it is beneficial to either women or men (or whatever is one's identity) or children growing up. That is some kind of evolutional plateau that I will happily see us outgrow. One has to create one's own space by feeling oneself deeply, beyond societal structures and trends, and gradually embody what is genuinely one's essence. It's a process of individuation that looks different for everyone. Beyond gender roles, we are human. And we can decide to follow our hearts and inner guidance and create what we desire from there.

After reading this interview and gazing at the beautiful photos by photographer Katarina Di Leva (represented by Rockson Stkhlm) and her mother, Carina Eriksson, we feel encouraged to create more self-care time for ourselves. In a world filled with chaos, a little pleasure goes a long way. 

ChambresSweden invites your feminine side out to play. Today is the day. Do you make pleasure a top priority? Do you have the life you dreamed of? 

Write and tell us about it. 



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