Enter the world of feminine energy where timeless beauty and femininity feels relaxed yet elegant—ChambresSweden, where generation after generation enjoys the feeling of sensual ease. 

If you are a woman, you are a daughter. Your mother was your portal into the world. There is no other way to get here, and when you do, you enter into your most crucial relationship. 

Daughter Katarina Di Leva (represented by Rockson Stkhlm) photographed her mother, Carin Eriksson, after a long spell of not seeing her this spring. They come together and create magic. 

Thank you Carin Eriksson, Camela Leierth, Stefan Lundaahl and Sandra Näsström of Chambres Sweden

In the film Carin wears Exclusive Kelly Kimono, Grace pants, Nina top, Marlene dress, Joy Maxi dress, Vittoria dress, Ayo jacket, and Zeo pants

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