Sleep and Rest is a Luxury - Get Some Easy Tips

Sleep is physical; rest is spiritual.

Most of us continuously move from one task to the next throughout the day. Resting in intervals throughout your day may seem impossible, but it's essential. And getting a good night's sleep is the ultimate luxury.  

As mature adults, the optimal amount of sleep at night is around 7.5 hours. During sleep, your body is busy. Your brain categorizes your memories of the day and makes paths for you to get back to them. Your muscles repair from any stress they may have experienced, and hormones get released that regulate growth, sleep cycles, appetite, and other things. These things cannot happen during a short nap or rest. Deep restorative sleep is essential.

The freedom to stop moving and sit down and rest is a challenge. Experts say that during the day, we need to rest every two hours from 2-25 minutes.

Learning to rest can be a valuable habit to include in your daily life. Rest can help your entire body, including your brain. It allows the organs and muscles in your body to take a break, and stress levels drop. After resting, you'll notice that your mood has improved, and you feel more mentally alert and clear-minded. You may feel more motivated and creative, and your productivity may increase. For the best rest, a nap would be good if it is possible. You do not have to sleep to allow your body to rest. You do not even have to lie down.

When you can, change your environment to reduce distraction, stimulation, and diversions. Get your body comfortable, close your eyes, and be still. To keep your mind occupied and off of the stress of the day, you can focus on your breathing or enjoy "day-dreaming." As with most things, whatever works best for you is the way to flow.

Here are some suggestions on how to get a better night's sleep. 

  • Use bedtime affirmations. (This is a secret weapon that most people don't know.)
  • Nap during the day between 13:00 - 15:00 for 30 minutes.
  • Get adequate exercise every day.
  • Take a hot bath before you sleep.
  • Sleep alone when you can.
  • Sleep in soft, breathable garments. 
  • Wear an eye mask.

Sometimes we need to slow down our daily stimuli and concentrate on our senses to relax, relate, and reboot. And when night comes, beneficial, refreshing, and deep sleep is a requirement that our body insists on. We heal and regenerate at the cellular level, and this is how we keep our body and mind in peak condition and the feeling of sensual ease.

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