A Journey from Waste to Wear

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Preorder Now for Chambres' New Limited Collection!

We are delighted to announce that Chambres' new pieces are now available for Preorder!

Over the years, we've continuously introduced new designs, but many of you have yet to experience the luxury and exclusivity of our limited-edition styles. Now is your chance!

Always in the Slow Fashion mood. Sustainable and no overproduction.

Awaken from duality with Chambres kimonos and loungewear collection.

That's how it started. Once you’ve tried our clothes, you will never want to wear anything else close to your body.

Since 2012, individuals of all genders and ages have embraced our timeless pieces, transcending traditional boundaries.

Discover our best-selling products designed for those seeking comfort, style, and a departure from the ordinary. Elevate your loungewear experience and embrace a new era of self-expression with Chambres.