A genuine connection occurs when our hearts are touched. That’s the power of a true feminine partnership. It's all about timing, and the time is now to celebrate together the art of alchemy and femininity. We invite you to enter the world of kindness, softness, and self-care at a time when it's needed the most. 
ChambresSweden and Alqvimia fall in love. 
Sandra, Founder of ChambresSweden, says, “I have been in love with Alqvimia for years. Giving myself Me-time rituals with Alqvimia’s transformative oils evoke a sensual feeling of kindness and give me room to dream.”
Drolma, CEO of Alqvimia, says, “The signs were clear. ChambresSweden colours are our signature colours; they foster the same sensual ease and elegance our essences do. It felt right and easy. We are stronger together in our mission of invoking the feminine energy and nurturing self-care for the women of the world, supporting them through kindness and a soft touch on their skin.”
Alqvimia, a long-time provider of individual transformation through natural cosmetics and a guide for the feminine energy to flow, encapsulates magic in a bottle. They choose specific times for harvesting and bottling. They calculate when the best times are to use individual essences. They teach women about caring for their bodies, minds, and spirits holistically.
Rule your queendom with the transformational oils of Alqvimia that are inspired by the beauty anoints of the ancient queens of Egypt to support your feminine flow.
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Body oil by Alqvimia
Based on frankincense and myrrh balms with great beautifying power, this exotic oil keeps the skin young and radiant, providing an intense feeling of femininity and charm. Its exquisite essential oil fragrances give you a penetrating sense of security, increasing self-esteem and transporting you beyond the senses.
Alqvimia parner with ChambresSweden

Queen of Egypt bath and shower gel

Bath and shower gel complements the Queen of Egypt treatment. It hydrates, softens, protects, and nourishes your skin in-depth, leaving it soft like velvet. Its exotic essential oil fragrances of frankincense, myrrh, and petitgrain envelop women in a halo of fascination and charm. 

This Eau de Toilette purifies, tones, revitalizes, and is anti-aging. It is a source of infinite beauty that will give you internal peace. Based on myrrh and frankincense, this exotic fragrance will envelop you in a sensation of fascination, femininity, and charm.


ChambresSweden and Alqvimia are giving away a unique gift from the heart.

Imagine taking your bath with Alqvimia oils before and after, then slipping into a luxurious second-skin feel garment that touches your body with the same kindness as the oils. When you take care of yourself and swaddle in products born from nature, divine feminine energy arises and translates into radiance and your very own sensual ease.


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Thank you to everyone who engaged and entered this giveaway, joining us in encouraging soft and feminine self-care energy.

“Feminine energy will save the world.” - Idili Lizcano, Founder and Perfumist of ALQVIMIA

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From ChambresSweden & Alqvimia with Love!