Together let us celebrate a brand new year by moving our bodies inside and out to the rhythm of Life!

There's so much power in moving the body to release, celebrate, mourn, heal, give thanks, assert individuality, provoke and entertain. Dancing makes us feel good because it makes us feel so alive. 

Do you know about the 5Rythms? We are in love with this practice and want to share it with you. A woman named Gabrielle Roth created this movement meditation practice in the late 1970s. She crafted her method from indigenous and world traditions using shamanistic, ecstatic, mystical, and eastern philosophy. 

When we dance the Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness “Waves” of 5Rythms, we have the opportunity to tune into our authentic selves and just move the body however it wants. The restorative quality of this dancing is absolute. Who doesn’t want to enhance their mood, strengthen the immune system, create healthier bones, upgrade brain health, and improve our sex life? Can you feel it?

We’ll be dancing for joy in the Joy Maxi dress. It flows so easy and comfortable right into the New Year. So come on. Let’s be together and dance toward a brand new year at the online 5Rythms class on January 1, 2021, from Portugal with Rui and Sabine. 

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What people say:

“5Rhythms is a place to express my craziness, my wildness, my sadness … a place where I can be myself, and that makes me more confident in life.” - Camila Bercetche, Bioenergetic Therapist, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“After a 5Rythms class, I feel so relaxed, more open, happy, full of aliveness, I feel more powerful.” - Prateeksha Katarina Thundal, 5Rhythms Dance Teacher / Massage Therapist / Personal Trainer, Stockholm, Sweden.


Cover photo: Isadora Duncan danse sur la plage © Arnold Genthe/Wikimedia

Story photo: Quote by Gabrielle Roth


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December 30, 2020 — Susan Smith

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