The impact of Solvatten has been thoroughly measured from the start. What makes the Solvatten solution unique from other water treatment devices is that users can immediately understand how to use it effectively. Using Solvatten becomes a habit. Lasting impacts can only be achieved when a solution addresses both human wants and human needs. High quality, smart design, and aesthetic value are central for winning hearts and central for motivating people to change habits and move towards something better.


Using Solvatten betters individuals and entire communities' everyday lives, and its impact extends to the environment surrounding them. Solvatten contributes to achieving each of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Households with access to safe + hot water → improved hygiene → better health → better quality of life.

Solvatten is a patented technology with a unique design and has many competitive advantages over other safe water solutions. Solvatten doesn't merely treat water; it strengthens families, saves money for those who have little, and diminishes harmful environmental practices. Solvatten brings families the basic clean and hot water infrastructure that we all need – water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. 

How does it work?

Solvatten works by incorporating three established methods for treating water - 

  1. Filtration: Water is poured in through a hole housing a fabric filter that catches larger particles.
  2. Heat pasteurization: Heat from the sun warms up the water, killing pathogenic material.
  3. UV-disinfection: The high energy associated with UV sunlight causes damage to the DNA of microorganisms, rendering them unable to reproduce or infect.

Solvatten is very easy to use:

  • Fill it up.
  • Lay it in the sun.
  • Simply wait for the green smiley face indicator to show that the water is clean.

What's more, the simplicity and efficacy of these treatment methods make Solvatten highly reliable. 

Your purchase of ChambresSweden garments contributes "hands-on" to families, mainly women and children, in countries where access to safe water is lacking. Through Solvattens' integrity and dedication in making our world a better place, ChambresSweden is proud to collaborate with them.


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