feminin energy and multifunctional clothes by ChambresSweden

Vibrating with the softness of femininity attracts more of the same. Through behavior in relationships, we conclude as to what femininity means for us. We tend to explain the feminine energy as intuitive, nurturing, graceful, wild, beautiful, etc. While this feels true, Ted Talk in Amsterdam with Michelle Miller reminds us that femininity is the “experience” of these attributes and is not gender-based. 

When we focus on a moment and relax into the experience of that moment, all things are possible. The world opens up for us like the creation of a human being and that child’s birth. Birthing deeper roots for the feminine attributes to bloom partly requires looking into masculinity and how it shows up. 

Masculinity feels more tactile and goal-driven. There’s energy attached to the masculine aspects of ourselves that keeps our feet on the ground and allows us “to get things done.” But what if we valued our feminine qualities equally with masculine qualities? Like, there was a way to physically record a soft and kind touch or a feeling of beauty held inside ourselves. Perhaps our third eye measures our moments’ value, but the only person registering this is you. There are no physical buttons to push. 

There is a consensus among the society that femininity is “on the rise.” We spend an enormous amount of time trying to get there when in fact, we have been here all along. History can only hold us back for so long until everyone agrees that both femininity and masculinity are of equal value. 

Both feminine and masculine qualities live together within us and within our Earth, Sun, Moon, Sky, and Oceans. Allowing our feminine attributes the experience of our masculine attributes and vice versa is a beautiful and sustainable outcome.

Enjoy this TedTalk presentation with Michelle Miller on YouTube about restoring femininity. We enjoyed it very much. https://youtu.be/-PFYthpdEIU